That's it. Paris is over. Spring/Summer 2017 is done – even though strictly speaking we've not even had it yet. But that's the clever thing about fashion and that's (kind of) the way it works. The last two days wound down, here's what you missed from two of its biggest players as well as its other shows.


 Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Ready-to-wear Collection Spring Summer 2017 Paris



Even though every season comes with its own soap opera, it felt like this one was especially dramatic. There were changes at the big significant houses, ones we thought were probably safe(r) from the revolving doors situation that has become something of an epidemic of late. A fashion whisper that stepped into that conversation over summer, and which was subsequently denied, was that Ghesquière would be leaving Louis Vuitton. He hasn't, he's there, and for next season he's loosened up a little with a continued exploration into those softer silhouettes that began in the resort collection in Rio. He took luxe tailoring and sinuous shapes and combined them into deconstructed blazers and draped gowns that fastened into place at the hip. Ghesquière, known for his exquisitely sharp design sensibility, let go a beautiful fluidity to the Eighties shapes and silhouettes that saw Ziggy Stardust moments combine with boardroom power for double-breasted waistcoat jackets which were neither either nor the other, and dresses that sculpted the body in panels, both there and not.
In monochrome and gold, there was military precision to execution as always but also in theme for uniform detailing and staple-style rivets that followed the lines of the body expanding out into those feminine shapes that fluttered around the body with impact. 
Cross-body detail and the hips were the erogenous zones of choice and while we can look across fashion week and search for and note countless trends, we know that they really only come from a few houses. And Louis Vuitton is one. It's all very well a thousand designers doing something at once, but then that's no longer cool. Louis Vuitton does cool.
This was sequin-slashed and a little bit band groupie – two-tone boots the big hit, layered lace with indie T-shirts, and lovely leather. Bustier dresses sculpted the body and will be your best friend, while the beaded finale dresses cleverly took the previous run of twisted tailoring and incorporated them in there too for a demi-dressed up feel. 
Ghesquière has been at the house now for three years, the first artistic director after the brand's first ever artistic director, Marc Jacobs, who left to focus on his own label. Regardless of rumours, Ghesquière continues to define the future of Louis Vuitton to cult effect – today, everybody had switched their Chanel quilted bags (from yesterday; Gucci before that!) for their LV numbers instead.


 Miu Miu Fashion Show Ready-to-wear Collection Spring Summer 2017 Paris



What are the prerequisites for next season's Miu Miu wardrobe? An open-front apron skirt, a flower swim hat, a great mac (either plain in pastel or a jazzy geometric print), a towel for a stole, and a fuzzy towelling robe. Yep, Mrs Prada did her version of the seaside this time around, riffing on a beach-hut colour palette and the wardrobe you might find hanging up in it. So swimwear was the focus here – those swim caps so elaborate for show and more accessible as flowers festooned into bags or as prints on Forties-style bikinis. Other knitted looks took cues from proper bathing suits and day dresses in zesty prints, belted (Spring/Summer 2017 is a season of belting!) came in the plenty. You need a mac too if you're going to be the Miu Miu pin-up – again an item that has had significant presence among the Paris catwalks. Swimming pool blue, coral pink, and sunny shades to match, where the designer had used feather boas in her mailing collection as her finishing-off note, here it was the humble beach towel revisited, revised, and reincarnated. One imagines this will oddly become a surprise hit, as it is so easy to replicate. But she upgraded them some more for fuzzy bathrobes that looked snug as much as they did stylish – which is really one of those things only Prada can achieve. And by comparison to fashion's current busy mood, this felt like a palette cleanser and semi-minimal too. 


 Kenzo Fashion Show Ready-to-wear Collection Spring Summer 2017 Paris



Have you noticed: No one wears their Kenzo jumpers anymore? They were great at the time – but it's time to move on: to the brand's über cool T-shirt dresses instead! And add a slinky chainmail bag to that shopping list, too. With a distinct Eighties appeal, though the show notes referenced Studio 54, this was a disco bright collection with lots of shimmer and party dress shine. Downtime pieces came by way of casual denim and these were great basics, but the party frocks did the most talking and took Kenzo out of what was perhaps becoming a slightly predictable style zone. Paul & Jo isn't a high fashion brand and that's no problem – don't expect the avant-grade or the overly directional here; but do expect some cute patchwork denim, some noughties shapes and styling, and beachwear utility notes. And from beach to beach! Moncler's sand dune catwalk set the scene for a far more ornate and embellished offering from the brand known for its classic puffa jackets. Though there was a uniformity to be found in the non-puffa pieces and a strict white and navy and red colour way. Puffas are practical and they are now also pretty, apparently. 

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Louis Vuitton


The French luxury power house Louis Vuitton always have something up their sleeves to offer, no wonder it is loved for over a century.

Combining functionality, style, and luxury, this Louis Vuitton Sperone backpack is the latest addition to LV’s hall of famous backpacks. Its checkered pattern and neutral colors add a feminine touch to it while the buckle in the center and the two leather straps hanging out gives it the finishing look. If you’re expecting only the best from superior Louis Vuitton craftmanship and you’re planning on buying yourself a new backpack, then the Sperone might be your best option.

Lightweight yet roomy, this LV backpack is perfect for being your newest go-to travel companion especially when you go on tours abroad. You will a large compartment inside with double smartphone pocket. And by the way, the exterior comes with an extra zipped pocket.

It measures 12.2′ x 11.8′ x 7.9′ (L x H x W) inches and retails for $1650 USD or €1250 euro via Louis Vuitton boutique or e-store.



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Designer Shoes


There are two universal truths about women: they have a life-long love affair with bags and shoes. Most of the time, they couldn’t just decide which between the two they love more and we couldn’t blame them. For the fashion designer shoe-obsessed, one thing however is certain: they love flats that they couldn’t just leave home without one! This Chanel Mirror Python Silver Ballerinas are a must-haves for they are uberly chic, feminine and comfortable at the same time. Women nowadays prefer comfort over style so no wonder why you see them walking with a smile with their reliable designer flats. Gone are the days when lovely ladies sacrifice their comfort just to look good without actually feeling good. Look extra stylish with these Chanel silver Python Ballerina flats as they could flatter almost any type of outfit you have. Whether it be your office pantsuits, your flowy summer-y dress, or your classic chic ensemble, these ballerinas are trustworthy to have.

These pair of new flats are colored in silver, the perfect color to wear everyday right? We are also certain that there are more variations of shades available, check with the SA. Crafted from Python – adding a bit of luxurious flavor to it. The front is refined with a little lady-like bow. The heels? 0.4mm, acceptable?

Style code: G02819, priced at €850 euro.

So what do you think?


Chanel Ballerina Flats Reference Guide

Introducing the Chanel Ballerina Flats Reference Guide. The Chanel Ballerina Flats have been one of Chanel’s most famous footwear, aside from their casual espadrilles. The Ballerina Flats have been around since the 1950s, wherein Chanel introduced the beige quilted lambskin leather with black toe cap. Over the years, these flats have evolved and comes in a variety of styles and colors. It has a 0.4 heel height and available in different kinds of materials like Calfskin, Tweed, Denim, Suede and Python. The Ballerina Flats are simple yet classy and elegant. It’s perfect to wear with any casual outfits, like jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses.

Style & Price



Chanel Lambskin Ballerinas $750.00 (USD)
Chanel Quilted Lambskin Ballerinas $750.00 (USD)
Chanel Lambskin and Patent Printed Ballerinas $795.00 (USD)
Chanel Mirror Python Ballerinas $995.00 (USD)


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Swim caps on, beach towels at the ready! Miuccia Prada was apparently in a playful summer mood when she put together the Miu Miu collection (though, sadly, her models weren’t smiling about it). At a time when there’s so much trouble and stress in the world, it’s sometimes a treat to take a break from thinking too much. Who, at this juncture, wouldn’t want to buy into the sunny retro-fantasy of Italy at its glamorous postwar peak?
That’s when Prada was a girl, of course. This is a period she knows so well—the optimistic culture of ’60s and early-’70s prints (schematic daisies; abstract art; and hand-smocked baby dresses for little children transformed into cropped blouses). She also grew up with a mother and a grandmother who wore lovely ’40s-print dresses; on the runway were several extremely tempting examples of these, complete with back ties.
All of these looks were accompanied either by beach slides or wedge sandals, which, on close inspection, had shells and starfish embossed into them. Later, they were worn by delightfully sexy ’50s pinup girls in ruched bikinis. All this, of course, would be to overlook the multiple examples of ’60s fit-and-flare coats in this collection. It was a great deal of fun, gratefully received in this time of chaos.

A look from Miu Miu's spring 2017 collection. Photo: Imaxtree

A look from Miu Miu's spring 2017 collection. 

Miuccia Prada presented her latest collection for Miu Miu in Paris on Wednesday, serving as the very last show on the Paris Fashion Weekcalendar. The label sent its customarily sweet, girlish designs down the runway on a slew of "It" models, including Taylor Hill and Anna Ewers, both of whom starred in Miu Miu's fall 2016 campaign, as well as Gigi Hadid and this season's breakout face, Dilia Martins.

From 1950s housewife dresses and pin-up bathing suits to funky 1970s printed suits, Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection ran the gamut of eras and influences. Designer Miuccia Prada is consistent with Miu Miu in that she uses her younger ready-to-wear line to explore polished retro styles for the young and young at heart. Indeed, this season bears the same hallmarks of throwback inspiration mixed with luxurious textiles, delightful prints, and contemporary accessories.

Beachwear was foremost on Prada’s mind this season, and she took multiple opportunities to showcase her version, which included wedges with heels that were sculpted from waves, crabs, and other marine life, floral appliquéd bathing caps, and two-piece swimsuits worn with apron skirts or layered over smooth khaki dresses. A halter neckline was a repeated motif, appearing on multiple forms of bathing suits and cover-ups, occasionally paired with a zany jodhpur/hot-pant hybrid.

Additionally, Miu Miu’s show highlighted twee elements like babydoll dresses with cross-stitch embroidery details juxtaposed against more facetious ideas like smart nautical blazers worn with fuzzy terry-cloth wrap skirts. Retro-print shirtdresses and plush, patterned house coats spoke to 1960s styles, but in Miu Miu’s gorgeous textiles, they offered a more luxurious option than anything you would have found along the Italian Riviera back then.


Miuccia Prada and MIU MIU officially wrap up the SS17 runway season with the label’s Paris Fashion Week show presented today at Palais d’Iena in Paris. The show space was redesigned to match the collection with a “Synthetic Summer” set masterfully designed by AMO the prolific design office of OMA architecture practice. This time Miu Miu teams up with the famed stylist and LOVE Magazine Editor in Chief Katie Grand while in charge of the makeup on the runway was the famed Pat McGrath.

AMO’s design for the 2017 Spring/Summer Miu Miu show makes use of engineered materials to create an artificial summer landscape in Auguste Perret’s Palais d’Iena. The catwalk is contained inside a plywood box, constructed within the Salle Hypostyle. The audience sits on graduated platforms that emerge from the wooden background, set on either side of the linear runway. An interweaving pattern made of matte and shiny PVC covers the floor and catwalk, in places continuing up the tribunes and walls. A series of graphic illustrations recreates naive and colorful landscapes, reminiscent of summer settings. – said AMO and MIU MIU pr team.

Discover the key looks from the new collection as well as more of the showspace after the jump:

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Stuart Weitzman Boots Review

Designer Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Boots Stuart Weitzman Boots Review

Stuart Weitzman Boots takes us on a super stylish look this season. It may be time to wear comfortable boots for this season. As with any collection Stuart Weitzman Boots below. There are many options, but we see three collection Stuart Weitzman Boots this much worn by the performers and fashion bloggers. Third collection was Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Boots, Stuart Weitzman Highland Over the Knee Boots, Stuart Weitzman and Lowland Over-The-Knee Boots. Ready to look good with boots here.

Stuart Weitzman Boots Review Stuart Weitzman Boots ReviewStuart Weitzman Highland Over the Knee Boots Stuart Weitzman Boots ReviewStuart Weitzman 50 50 Boots Stuart Weitzman Boots ReviewStuart Weitzman Lowland Over The Knee Boots Stuart Weitzman Boots Review

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Louis Vuitton Race Bags

Other Brands

Asides crushing heavily on Lewis Hamilton, the British formula one race driver, I know next to nothing about racing and competitions as I do consider them sufficiently dangerous to not get involved in.  But race has been brought close to familiar grounds now with the  Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 Race bag collection that were just recently released. 
Louis Vuitton took inspiration from racing signature aesthetics -the checkered flag dovetails, the bright colours, and infused them on the bag with larger than usual Louis Vuitton logo and the brand’s signature Damier check. The overall effect is loud, fashion forward, eccentric and commensurate with racing tracks and cars.
Creative director of the brand, Nicolas Ghesquiere, experimented with bold color palettes and monograms and while at first glance, it all looks a bit too much and distracting but closer inspection gives it a somewhat quirky vibe we are sure would be appreciated by a lot of street style stars and celebrities.
Paired with monochrome outfits of white, black and nude hues, this bags would give your style the added vibe to keep you stylish and trendy!

Louis Vuitton Race Bags Louis Vuitton Race Bags Collection

Louis Vuitton race bags latest you may have seen it on the fashion show that has gone on. The motif is very interesting with a mix of colors that will make you appear more maximum. Louis Vuitton race bags ranging from alma, alma BB, neverfull, speedy, to petite malle clutch. It also presents the collections of Louis Vuitton Race Bandouliere. Really a collection of Louis Vuitton race bags are pretty awesome isn’t it?

Louis Vuitton Race Bandouliere Louis Vuitton Race Bags CollectionLouis Vuitton Race Neverfull Bag Louis Vuitton Race Bags CollectionLouis Vuitton Race Petite Malle Clutch Louis Vuitton Race Bags CollectionLouis Vuitton Race Speedy Louis Vuitton Race Bags CollectionLouis Vuitton Race Alma Bag Louis Vuitton Race Bags CollectionLouis Vuitton Race Alma BB Bag Louis Vuitton Race Bags Collection

Louis Vuitton recently presented their Cruise 2017 Collection at the Niterói Museum of Contemporary Arts in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The sporty collection pays homage to the city’s culture which presents vibrant colors, football and Grand Prix prints with a touch of Parisian flair. The star of the show is the Boombox Bag which is made of the Petite Malle bags which can even play music through Bluetooth. The iconic Speedy Bag features racing prints with Vuitton logo emblazoned on it and comes with a combination of the House classic materials such as the Damier, Epi and Monogram Canvas. The City Steamer gets an edgy update with a variety of pockets and rivets. Louis Vuitton introduces the Football print seen on the Steamer and Twist bags.

I've never been a NASCAR fan (or even seen a NASCAR race, for that matter), but I've always thought the league's team jackets, full of advertising patches and competing colors and lots of miscellaneous stuff, were kind of cool. They're sporty and exuberant, with little consideration for aesthetic gentility or traditional design norms. For Cruise 2017, Louis Vuitton took a page out of that playbook with the bold, bright Louis Vuitton Race Bags.

Racing's traditional checkered flag dovetails nicely with Louis Vuitton's signature signature Damier check, which gives the brand common aesthetic ground with motorsports that you wouldn't otherwise expect. From there, creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere experiments with color combinations and angles, capping things off with colorful monogram trim. It's a lot of look, as Tim Gunn would say, but, oddly enough, most of it works. That's especially true of the blue-based bags, which are more aesthetically pleasant than their orange counterparts.

I'm a little surprised to say it, but I kind of love the Louis Vuitton Race Bags? The blue Speedy, Neverfull and Alma BB Bags are pieces I could see myself incorporating into my mostly black wardrobe and enjoying a lot because they're so aggressively different than everything else out there right now. I have a feeling not all of you will agree, though, so feel free to roast me for it in the comments.

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